Shuswap UFO

UFO sighting in the Shuswap? What’s the story here, I will let you decide. Here is what happened at 9:10 PM on the evening of July 10th 2012 near Shuswap Lake BC.

Normally I never stay up that late, but there has been a rabbit hanging around the yard, so I went outside at that time of night, to get a couple pictures of him for my Wildlife photo collection.

Living in a very rural area, I also take pictures of any airplanes or helicopters flying by for my Aircraft photo collection. I am the one waving Hello and sometimes the airplanes tip their wings to wave back or circle the place to say Hello, which I appreciate very much.

As I walked around the back yard, looking for the rabbit, I saw a plane and thought it looked very strange. It was 9:10 PM and it looked like the sun was shining on the airplane making it look very bright and very orange. I took a couple pictures, blurry as they are. I waited for the object to pass behind the trees and took another. I thought that is enough pictures, as I delete so many pictures anyway.

It was on my mind, that this whole thing was strange again, as there was no noise. And no noise came after the object passed by, as it does with high flying jets. I thought about that for a few days, wondering why I heard nothing and how the sun could illuminate the object at that time of night. But I figured it was due to the elevation of the plane and the sun hadn’t quite set yet. Then I checked my pictures on the computer a few days later…….

These images are the original as I took them. I have not enhanced, colored or changed them in way. I have zoomed in and cropped the pictures to get a closer look. I have no other pictures that look like this in any of my Aircraft photo collections. What do you think? Have you seen this before? Can you explain what the object is? Do you think it’s coming back? I will call it a UFO in the Shuswap, because I do not know what else to call it! Do you?

Shuswap UFO – photograph 1

UFO in the Shuswap

Shuswap Unidentified Flying Object.

When I zoom in each photograph, I can not find the shape or any kind of image of an airplane or helicopter. And nor does it seem to appear that the sun is shining on the craft, it appears that the orange glow is being emitted by the craft. This is not a joke or any kind of trick. These are the pictures I took at 9:10 PM on the 10th of July 2012 outside my back door in Eagle Bay BC. I have only zoomed in to get a better look. And this is what is in the picture. If you can explain, I would be happy to hear from you.

Shuswap UFO – photograph 1 zoomed in

6 Glowing Orange Orbs

Shuswap UFO – photograph 2

Shuswap UFO

Shuswap UFO – photograph 2 zoomed in

8 orange glowing orbs

Unidentified Flying Object – photograph 3

Unidentified Flying Object

Glowing UFO Orbs – photograph 3 zoomed in

Glowing Orange Orbs

The trees in these pictures are approximately 150 feet tall. If you are good at math, you could probably calculate the speed and size of this object, I can no longer call it an airplane nor a helicopter. It moved in a northerly direction. Eventually it would of had to change course and increase its altitude to be able to pass over Anglemont mountain across the Shuswap Lake. If you are a pilot, perhaps you have seen one of these before. What do you think this is? Is it going to come back to get these pictures from me? Oh oh, is there a UFO in the Shuswap?